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After sales service commitment

Changzhou Jinwo welding and cutting equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the service standard of "all-round, high quality and fast speed" and aims at customer satisfaction. We hereby make an open commitment.

1、 Service commitment 1. Our company has set up a group of tough emergency maintenance service teams, experienced field engineers and senior technicians, who can rush to the site in the fastest time to repair and replace any problems.

2. Within one week of product delivery, the staff of after-sales service department of our company will conduct telephone follow-up consultation according to the customer's contact information until the customer is satisfied.

3. All complaints about product quality shall be replied within 1 hour, and the handling measures shall be determined according to the complaints, and maintenance and replacement shall be carried out.

4. Our company shall bear the expenses caused by the product quality within the warranty period.

5. During the warranty period, due to your improper use or natural environment, we will provide maintenance free of charge, and the materials and accessories used for maintenance will only be charged cost price.

6. For products beyond the warranty period, our company promises to conduct on-site inspection and maintenance regularly for life.

2、 Installation method

1. After all goods are installed and debugged, they can leave the site after being checked and accepted by the customer. 3、 Goods return and exchange commitment

1. The returned products shall be provided with complete external packaging, accessories, instructions, warranty card, invoice, delivery note and explanation of the reason for return and replacement.

2. If the user has quality problems in normal use, please contact our company quickly within the warranty period to facilitate the user to get timely repair and replacement.

3. Now we can't enjoy our company's return commitment under the following circumstances.

a. The product has been used abnormally.

b. Storage and humidity under abnormal conditions.

c. Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and alteration.

d. Damage caused by spillage of food and liquid.

e. Normal wear of the product.

f. Out of shelf life.